Dear Member,


It is a real privilege to be able to share with you my thoughts and feelings as we approach the first anniversary of our Association. Much has been achieved, and largely all the practical details in connection with the merger now lie behind us. Gunnar and the office team, helped by volunteers have done all this whilst delivering an impressive list of events ranging from dinners, business working groups and monthly drinks to the wonderful summer reception at the House of Lords.


However, the greatest task lies in front of us, namely to create a ‘Forening’ in the truest sense of that Danish word. A ‘Forening’ is not just a service provider, which organises premises, events, services etc., but rather it is a community we all feel we belong to. It is a community we hold dear, and that we want to support and protect – it is a question of what we can do for the Association, not what it does for us. Together with the Board, Advisory Board and the office team, I shall of course put my heart and soul into providing leadership that takes us on a journey toward a true ‘Forening’, but chairmen, boards and team members come and go over time…it really is up to all of us as members to continue to work towards that treasured goal. So far, I have enjoyed every minute of that journey, and I know we will have many a good time ahead of us. It is incredibly important that we create a community that continues whatever the circumstances and environment. So far we have successfully prevailed through more than 150 years where the world has changed beyond recognition, not to mention two world wars.


Speaking of good times, we still have plenty going on this year. We have what looks to be an amazing Energy Summit on 8th November, the always popular traditional Christmas Lunch, and not least our Grand Gala Dinner and Ball on 6th December, where the Guest of Honour will be our Patron, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. It will be a truly splendid evening and I urge as many of you as can to join us, together with your guests. Especially for those of you who are company members we would encourage you to share the invitation broadly in your organisation, making sure that everyone, who would like to join this unique celebration of the Association, are able do so. I give you my word you will not regret it.


Can I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked so hard to get this organisation formed and off the ground. There are too many to mention, but I should like to finish by remembering our former chairman Erik Trautmann, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Erik attended the 100th, 125th and 150th anniversary, and his support was ever present. He worked tirelessly as a chairman, and it is in no small measure thanks to him we are still here today. He would light up any event or gathering, always the first on the guest list. I am proud to have been his friend and am grateful for his mentorship. Erik will be greatly missed, but his spirit lives on.


Warm regards,

Niels Ladefoged




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