A family business.
Dinesen is currently run by the fourth generation. Ever since 1898, the family business has been driven by a passion for wood and respect for nature.
Every day for four generations, life at Dinesen has revolved around high-quality wood and good craftsmanship. The respect for nature has been passed down from father to son, all of whom have grown up at the old sawmill, carrying on the family’s passion for wood. Dinesen was founded by Hans Peter Dinesen, a master builder who was unable to find wood of the quality he wanted and as a consequence started up his own sawmill. Today, the business is managed by great-grandchild Thomas Dinesen and his wife Heidi Dinesen.

115 years of craftsmanship
Since Dinesen was founded in 1898, production has been situated in the small town of Jels. Over the years, the production facilities has been expanded and optimised with the best available technology. Still, Dinesen sticks firmly to the old values of craftsmanship. To ensure the high level of quality, every single plank is passed through ten pairs of hands on its way through the production.

Initially, demand came from the local area – today, Dinesen delivers planks to locations all over the world. However, the core of the family business remains unchanged. Respect for the wood as a natural resource, uncompromising quality and close contact with the clients are paramount values and continue to be upheld.

Unique solutions
Dinesen’s personal interest in clients and their projects epitomises the philosophy of the company. Each floor is custom-made in close consultation with the clients including a large number of international designers and architects. This close co-operation and Dinesen’s long-standing experience contribute to creating unique solutions for every project undertaken.

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