Jonas Lorentzen draws inspiration from myths and stories from ancient Northern Europe and archaeological findings relating to how people used to eat in the Iron and Viking ages. When Jonas is not doing his Viking storytelling through food, he is touring with the Band Heilung as their singer and exploring his historic ways through music.
Merging these concepts with modern techniques, MATR offers a unique opportunity to explore the culture, nature and history of Northern Europe, through a modern fine dining experience. 

With only 12-14 seats available per evening, MATR is a social event as well as a sophisticated and complex food experience. It is our wish to create a community feeling around the table so whether you come as a group, a couple or on your own, everyone will feel part of the ship, part of the crew. 



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You will be enjoying a 7-course meal with 7 wines carefully curated to complement each dish. The produce is 100% seasonal and local and the wines are all natural from small-batch producers curated by our own sommelier. Jonas is an avid forager, so don’t be alarmed if you find herbs and plants you’ve never heard of in the dishes created by Jonas Lorentzen.

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