Our growing number of member-to-member offers on goods and services can be accessed by signed in members below. DKUK members can also benefit from the following discounts courtesy of our alliance with Club Quarters Hotels.

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20% discount on MATR FOOD's Dinner Clubs

21 May 2019 Offers
MATR VIEZLA DINNER EXPERIENCE IS AN EXCLUSIVE DINNER CLUB  Jonas Lorentzen draws inspiration from myths…

40% member discount from Ashwell Jewellery

20 May 2019 Offers
Ashwell Jewellery would like to offer all members who purchase through their website a special…

Special offer for members – 25 % discount

30 April 2019 Offers
As a brand you can get your own channel at www.biites.com, on where you can display…

25% discount of all services for DKUK members

14 March 2019 Offers
Starting from beautiful cuts and colours, private events, small designer pop ups, workshops and intimate…

Hoogly Tea is offering 20% discount

20 January 2019 Offers
Hoogly Tea is offering 20% off their full range of indulgent premium teas all made…

50% on your first treatment

11 December 2018 Offers
ManuVision is offering all DKUK members 50% discount on their first treatment!  ManuVision is a…

30% Discount from Digital Ship

27 November 2018 Offers
Digital Ship is the global leader in news and information around maritime technology and communications,…

Become a certified coaching leader with a 10% discount for DKUK members

12 October 2018 Offers
Coach your team to greater performance. With a strong set of coaching skills leaders will…

Hotel Sanders offers special discount for DKUK members

26 September 2018 Offers
A hotel of casual luxury set in the heart of Copenhagen’s historic quarter. Sanders is…

Seven new discounts & offers to DKUK members

02 August 2018 Offers
Dear Valued Members, We are pleased to announce that as a member of the Danish-UK…

10% off all Bang & Olufsen products

02 August 2018 Offers
Like No One Else Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation…

15% off Bang & Olufsen Headphones and Music Systems

02 August 2018 Offers
  Make Beautiful Music Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation…

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