In response to the Government’s new guidance for Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum in schools, we aim to kick-start a cancer education programme that is taught in an age-appropriate way, with enhanced body knowledge and awareness included for girls and boys - but we need your help.

We want schools to teach boys and girls how to respect and understand their body.  We are calling on the government to amend the curriculum guidelines on relationships, sex and health education but need your help to persuade them.  Please sign our Know your Body Pledge to ensure the next generation have the information they need to protect their health and the knowledge that can help save lives. 

The Eve Appeal is the only UK charity that focuses on all gynae cancers – womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal.  These cancers are too-little talked about and often stigmatised – even though they affect over 21,000 women every year in the UK.

We fund ground-breaking medical research to develop effective methods of risk prediction, earlier detection and screening. And we lead taboo busting awareness campaigns to break down the walls of embarrassment surrounding gynae health.  Knowing your body and the signs and symptoms of what is normal to you, will help to prevent daughters of today and women of the future from developing gynae cancers.    


The Eve Appeal is a highly valued member of the DKUK. Feel free to check out their company profile.

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