On 11th December – at a time when negotiations between EU and the UK are likely to transition into phase 2 – Søren Skibsted was invited by the British Embassy in Denmark to a roundtable discussion about future customs arrangements between EU and the UK. 

Participants were representatives from HM Treasury of the UK government, the British Embassy and Danish companies doing business in the UK. Danish companies need predictability in terms of the substance and timing of the future trading relationship between EU and the UK. Conclusions of the discussions included:

  • The UK prefers access to the single market on current terms.
    The UK is conscious of the need to preserve single market integrity, e.g. avoiding the famous US chlorine chickens in EU markets.
    The UK is prepared to have an interim period as long as it is needed for companies to adapt to a new regime. The period of two years mentioned by Theresa May in her Florence speech was repeated.

As matters stand today, the EU and UK trade deal is likely to involve one of the options below. Surely, much uncertainty persists, but one viable option seems to be the "Free Trade Agreement option" in combination with an interim period of three–five years during which rules roughly similar to the current EU membership will continue to apply.


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