19th October 2018, Europa House, EU Commission’s Representation in the UK

A lot of questions about Brexit are still unanswered, but they tried to answer some of these questions at EU citizen’s rights and Brexit info session Friday night. People from most of the EU countries’ embassies and chambers of commerce were gathered at Europe House to learn more about Brexit, which is rapidly moving closer.

The main question during this event was: What will happen to EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit? The recurring answer from immigration lawyer Christopher Desira to this question was that EU citizens can stay in the UK, but it is time to act. He described in detail how to secure residence rights for EU citizens under the settled status scheme.

To be allowed to stay in the UK post Brexit you must apply for settled status. Nationals from the 27 EU countries and non-EU family members are protected under the settled status scheme. An app has been developed for this application for settled status. The application can also be filled out on paper. There are a few factors you must be aware of before you apply. There are four key requirements: You must make a valid application, be able to prove your identity and your nationality (for example passport), be able to prove length of residence in the UK, and you must undergo a criminality check. 

You still have to apply for settled status if you have a PR card, but it will be free of charge. You do not have to apply if you have indefinite leave to remain, but it would still be a good idea to do so. This application is also free of charge. The fee for the application, if you do not have a PR card or indefinite leave to remain, is 65 pounds for adults over the age of 16, and the fee is half price for children under the age of 16.  

If you fail to apply for settled status before the deadline on 30thJune 2021, the Home Office will allow you to apply late if you can provide them with a good reason why you have not applied before the deadline expired. 

Europe House had all in all put together a very informative evening which following the presentation on Brexit had a networking session with food and drinks. 


For more information we can recommend you visit European Commission’s Representation Office’s website here https://ec.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/home_en 


Or see the broadcast from the meeting we attended on Facebook:



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