KONGSGAARD GIN launches in UK stores.

After having huge success with their exclusive Craft Gin Club launch earlier this year, owners Bettina & Søren Kongsgaard, now emerge into UK stores with their premium gin brand.

KONGSGAARD GIN is being marketed as a “New World” gin, that speaks to the categories past - as much as it’s future, serving as an alternative to the many one way styled London Dry’s on the market. The innovative and carefully selected botanical line up, with a centrepiece layer of Danish apples and organic juniper, is inspired by Nordic woods and described as “complex and perfectly balanced”.

The base spirit, is derived from soft winter wheat, embraced with the renowned Gensac water from Grande Champagne, and distilled in small batches on open flame copper stills in Cognac, France.

Our goal was to combine roots, fruits and spices, and ultimately balance the sweetness and fresh acidity we get from our local apples, and let this shine through in the final blend”. Says co-creator Søren Kongsgaard.

This new edition to the ever rising gin scene, is designed to be enjoyed on it’s own, and play a part in  classic gin cocktails.

Bottled at 44% abv, KONGSGAARD GIN is available in all Harvey Nichols stores throughout the UK.

Kongsgaard Gin is a highly valued member of the chamber. Feel free to check out their member profile.

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