A new survey has revealed that 73% of UK consumers would choose products from companies that use renewable energy over those that don’t.

The consumer attitudes survey was conducted on behalf of global offshore wind leader and business energy retailer Ørsted. The survey explores attitudes towards the purchase of goods from supermarkets, as well as food and beverages, clothing, electronics and beauty products. Ørsted commissioned the survey to gain a greater understanding of the influence of renewable energy on purchasing decisions, and how it can drive the behaviour of consumers. 

The survey indicates there is strong commercial benefit to pursuing a cleaner, greener business strategy with consumers consciously preferring businesses that use renewable energy sources. Ørsted is taking tangible action to create a world that runs entirely on green energy and in addition to offering its business customers renewable energy at no extra cost, the company will be completely coal-free by 2023. 
Insights from Ørsted’s consumer attitudes survey include:

  • 73% of consumers would choose a retailer that uses renewable energy, over one that doesn’t
  • 86% of consumers believe it’s worth buying products made using 100% renewable energy
  • 60% of consumers showed a preference for logos displaying a green message

Jeff Whittingham, Managing Director of Ørsted Sales UK, said: 
“We know that a move to green energy makes sense for the environment, but these latest statistics show that it is also good for business, making renewable energy a commercial choice as well as an ethical one. 

“At Ørsted, we can help companies make the transition towards renewable energy without commercial disadvantage. We’ve been providing businesses with 100% renewable electricity without any cost premium since 2016. We also support businesses in cutting carbon emissions and energy costs via our range of smart, green energy solutions, helping them to raise their CSR profile.”

The survey demonstrates a clear benefit for businesses taking a more environmentally conscious approach to retail and production processes. Many consumers also said they would be willing to pay more for products made using 100% renewable energy. 

Ørsted already has 10 operational offshore wind farms in the UK with a further three under construction. Ørsted has also built a new waste-to-energy plant in Cheshire and recently announced its first steps into commercial battery storage in the UK. 

The full survey can be viewed at orstedbusiness.co.uk.

Notes to editors: The survey was conducted amongst 500 consumers in the UK by Kantar Millward Brown. The group of respondents is demographically representative of the UK population and consists of both men and women aged 18 to 70 years, geographically spread. Read the full survey here.

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