Allan Ømand Ungstrup is a fulltime baconista, who in 2015 established a small smokehouse in Denmark, with the goal to produce artisan bacon. In 2018 Allan decided to write a book about bacon with the sole purpose of showing the world that bacon is not just bacon. After 10 months the book was launched to the Danish people.

The book gives you a complete insight into the art of producing perfect bacon with easy steps for the baconista at home. This includes classic and peculiar suggestions as to how you can flavor your bacon. In addition, it gives you a deep insight into a vast variety of pig breeds and bacon produced from them. No book about bacon would be complete either, without mouthwatering recipes with bacon. Be inspired as to how you can include bacon in breakfast, pintxos (special Spanish tapas), sandwiches, BBQ, main courses, dessert, and cakes. The book also shows you pairings of different types of bacon with selected whiskeys and beer.

The book is 320 pages of pure happiness with dimensions of 28 x 21 x 4 cm (height, length, and width). The book is weighing 1,7 KG.

As the book already has obtained very good press reviews in Denmark and good sales a project of going international is in the making. The first step is to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money to get the book translated into English. Kickstarter is a huge crowdfunding platform where the biggest markets are in the USA and UK. More info on the Kickstarter campaign can be found here: If the Kickstarter campaign is a success - that is, enough money is raised to translate the book into English - the next step is to sell the book to bookstores etc. worldwide.

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