What is The Bear Kitchen?

The Bear Kitchen is a purpose-driven food business that delivers energising, planet-friendly meals for team lunches and events. Sharing a meal is one of the most powerful occasions for positive transformation, and we’re on a mission to bring people together around the pleasure of the good meal: to engage, to bond, to increase well-being and most of all, JOY. Our menus are plant- powered with a strong focus on seasonality and local sourcing, and designed to please omnivores, vegetarians & vegans alike.

Eat with impact. Eat like a bear.

The bear eats mostly plants, and none of the factory farmed meat and all the hyper processed foods that are destroying our health, and the eco-systems on which we depend. The company’s mission is to empower YOU to make a positive difference for joy, for health and for the planet: to change the world by changing the way we eat.

The core benefits we deliver

  • It’s inclusive. Everyone can share the same meal regardless of personal preferences.
  • It’s nutritionally balanced and energising. Based on science rather than the latest diet fads.
  • It’s easy. Save time and avoid the stress for the organiser.
  • It’s great story-telling. Raise your brand profile by showing that you care for the planet.

The story

The Bear Kitchen was founded by Jens Hannibal and Michael Tingsager, two fellow Danes who had a serendipitous meeting of minds in London. Both of them have an unwavering determination to make a positive difference in the world. They founded The Bear Kitchen to help raise awareness about the importance of food choices for joy, for health and for the future of our planet and humanity.


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The Bear Kitchen is a highly valued member of the DKUK. Please do check out their company profile.

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